ANIMAL FEED TIPS : How do we testing rice hulls content in rice bran ? (1)

Ricesekam ok_thumb[1] bran is one of the most utilized feed ingredients on ruminant, poultry and even fish ration. Unfortunately, rice bran is also the most and the easiest ingredients that has been falsified by some people for their own profit. And one of the ways to falsify rice bran is mixing it with rice hulls. Rice bran has similar characteristics with rice hulls, both of them have golden-yellow colour, and both of them are parts of rice-grain. The difference is rice hulls has more crude fibre (hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin) than rice bran. Because of it, rice hulls become cheaper than rice bran, and because of it, a lot of feed-ingredient supplier take an advantage or profit by mixing rice bran with rice hulls.
In a word, rice hulls is a garbage that never bring luck on your livestock feed. As preventive, how do we take test on rice bran that has been mixed with rice hulls? if you have enough money, you can try using some of this laboratory instruments and method..
Firstly, prepared some of these materials and instruments :
Materials : hydrogen chloride (HCL) 2 N; Ethanol 95 %; phlorogucinol powder; aquadest; take 5-10 grams of rice brand sample. make it as representative and homogene sampling.
Instruments : Petri dish; Beaker glass; drops pipette, analitical/digital weigh scale.
The methods is work as follow :

  1. First, make test solution (reagent) by mixing 80 cc of hydrogen chloride (HCL) 2 N, 20 cc of ethanol 95%, and 1 grams of phlorogucinol  powder in beaker glass. 
  2. take 5-10 grams of rice brand sample, and put it down on petri dish. 
  3. Give 2-3 drops of test solution on sample by using drops pipette.
  4. Observe what change that occur on sample’s colour.
If the red colour occur on rice brand sample, that mean your rice bran has been falsified. How, do you interested to try?.. ^^

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